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Appointment Bookings

** We are open Tuesday to Saturday each week **

Our booking system to the right enables you to pick the date and time you wish to visit.
It will show the available time slots we have for each day when we are open.

Please note each booking is for 1 customer to try on. If you wish to book 2 people
to try on at the same time you will need to book 2 appointments at the same time.

We only allow 1 APPOINTMENT PER CUSTOMER during peak prom season. This is because
we struggle to fit people in. (If you would like to come back and try on your favourite 1/2 dresses
again please call the shop and don't book another full appointment on the system)

Certain appointments require a £20 refundable deposit due to the amount of no-shows
we have had in the past. We need a minimum of 24 hours notice to be able to refund your
deposit if you wish to cancel or re-arrange your booking

If you have any further questions please call the shop directly on 01489 795823

Our Appointment Times

  • Prom/Evening wear Appointments

    Tuesday To Saturday

  • Closed

    Monday & Sunday